Find your Nectre Model or Serial Number

Locating and having your model number handy is an important initial step before talking with our customer service team. Having this number ready will streamline your experience as it saves the customer service representative time when providing you with assistance. You can also find your product’s model number in the Owner’s Manual.

Find the label on your Nectre product

It is usually on the side, back, or inside the upper gate of the unit. The model number has four digits starting with 7 (A). Wattage is determined by the number after the letter “C“ or “B‘’, depending on the unit. Otherwise, it is always written below (B). The year of production is found next to the logo (D).

Example: 7825-C20 –
Model: 7825 Wattage: 2000 Watts

Register your product

Register your Nectre product online to receive expedited support and be kept up to date with important product notices.