A living space with a Nectre wood stove
A living space with a Nectre wood stove

Wood Stoves

Powerful enough to heat a cabin, and sleek enough to suit modern decor, Nectre's wood stove is an ideal fit for many lifestyles.

Why wood stoves?

A Nectre wood stove brings warmth into a standard household, ski chalet, or family cottage - not just with powerful heating. A burning wood-fire and a beautiful design aesthetic make your space more welcoming and encourages happy-moment-making. Get a wood stove for both form and function when you go with Nectre.

Long lasting construction

The Nectre N65 Wood Stove is finished in black metallic paint and comes with a steel door with ceramic glass, as well as a steel baffle with steel brick retainer and firebrick lining to improve thermal mass.

Professionally installed

We recommend having a professional install any of our Nectre heaters. Our Dealers can arrange installation and most cases will undertake a site inspection to determine the correct location.

Radiant and Convection Heat

The Nectre N65 releases its warmth through a combination of heat radiation, which heats objects, and convection which heats the air. Excellent for feeling the heat of the flame and warming the surrounding living space.

Continuing to Meet the Highest Standards

Nectre's N65 Wood Stove received EPA2020 certification, with an emissions rate of 1.98g per hour. You can rely on Nectre wood stoves to keep you warm while you save money on heating by burning less wood throughout the year and turning down your central heating